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We have millions of customers worldwide. But that's just a statistic. What really matters is what our customers say about us? That way we (and you - as a prospective customer) can appraise ourselves fairly and accurately. And it seems like our first class customer service is just the ticket!

Mike Cann

Owner of site

For a while I have been hosting my sites elsewhere, and things had been going okay. They were however very basic VPS that simply gave you root access and then you are expected to know what to do next. I spent a long time setting it up in the beginning following various tutorials, unfortunately I don't think I'm ever going to have the time to learn enough to maintain everything now that I have more than 7 domains of my own and am hosting two by other people.

So I recently started looking for a better solution. That's when my partner in crime recommended that I check out Sun Server. I did and was mightily impressed. For a very similar price to my old provider I get a much bigger box with much more features, and of course the awesome Plesk 9.0 admin tool.

So the last few days I have been moving over, it's gone pretty smooth.

Bernard Fisher

Web Solutions NI Ltd

I would like to express my high level of satisfaction with the customer support service, in particular the Sun Server engineers.

They are very personable, helpful and extremely knowledgeable when I have had occasion to speak with them on the telephone regarding my support calls. Sun Server answers all my queries promptly and respectfully and is always prepared to go the extra mile in ensuring that my support calls are handled professionally and expertly.

This evening was yet another example of his support and dedication in that they managed to go through and resolve a number of calls I had reported on the helpdesk previously. This is me passing on my thanks to them for their dedication and support.

John Carroll

This email is to say I really appreciate the effort that your team has put in for me. I was having difficulty configuring my VPS and the technical guys did a great job. I'd like to say good work on picking the team and also a thank you to all the technical guys working on my wordpress issues - they sorted it :) !!! A great level of support from the beginning gives me a real sense of stability however my businesss / ideas grow.

Thank you.

Phil Parkin

Managing Director - the official website.

As a very satisfied customer, I can happily state that Sun Server are a pleasure to work with. For us their flexible service was invaluable - especially when we needed to change our bandwidth.

We are now loving the 25,000 unique visitors per day! Thanks.

James Nieswand

Managing Director

I'm absolutely delighted by the service I've received from Sun Server, and my account managers have been excellent in helping out with any questions / comments etc that I've had. Find a very, very good hosting company.

I know that sounds like blowing somebody's trumpet but Sun Server have been absolutely brilliant. I've come across a couple of developers who try to run a server at home, but they spend more hours getting to grips with the hardware and technology than their games.

There is no substitute for getting yourself a solution that is well serviced, well hosted and reasonably priced so you can concentrate on developing. At the end of the day your customer won't really care who you host with, just as long as it is up to the job and reliable.

The Sun Server Dedicated server is perfect for our needs. Originally, we were looking at a much lower-spec server but when we were stress-testing things we realised the potential of the Dedicated server meant we could up the gaming world size to 100,000 simultaneous users per server - four times what we were looking at - making everybody happier.

Kamran A. Beg


We are a global marriage bureau and our web site has been hosted reliably and robustly by Sun Server since our inception in 2003.

Sun Server have a truly client-led work ethos and their executives have delivered state-of-the art and timely advice, which has helped our ability to service our members.

Sun Server provides pre-eminent customer service and I would recommend them to any progressive companies seeking a robust, reliable and state-of-the-art hosting solution.

Sun Server executives work tirelessly to meet the needs of their clients and the technical support that Kamran A. Beg Events has received from Sun Server over the years is outstanding.

We have always been met with consummate professionalism and a willingness on the part of Sun Server to resolve the matter at hand with immediacy in line with our needs as a client. We are very thankful to Sun Server for their continued support to our global operations.

Nicola Bowden

Arts & Leisure Manager
The Mick Jagger Centre

Having been a customer of Sun Server for several years I have always been satisfied with their customer service, but having recently decided to upgrade to a new package it brought back to me how very efficient they are and I was overwhelmed at the service provided.

A very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly team who are ready to work for you, the customer, immediately.

Thank you for making the change easy.

Robert Styles

Achondroplasia UK

Thank you Sun Server for your continued support of our website.

Over many years, donated domain space has helped many families with information relating to Achondroplasia and the feedback I receive is that the website is a very good source of information and support.

Again, a big thank you and your help is very much appreciated.

Hannah Coleman


I recommend Sun Server they have hosted my website for 6 years, so far not any problems.

So I can recommend highly ;-)

Chris Ezekiel

Managing Director

Working with Sun Server has been a great experience for me - and continues to be so.

They take care of all our server needs, so that I don't need to worry about anything. I really value companies that take the time out to help their customers - especially when reliant on their support.

Customising our hosting package to suit our business needs is what we have chosen and it's the best solution for our business.

Sun Server can take care of all the technical issues while we take care of our business, this helps to move us forward in business.

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