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Teamwork made easy

SharePoint makes it easier for the people in your business to share information and work together. This powerful collaboration tool from Microsoft is easy to use and can be accessed and managed with a normal web browser (like Internet Explorer). It offers a huge amount of versatility - instead of creating simple flat websites, you can build fully interactive online applications.

What is Hosted SharePoint?

It is best to think of SharePoint as a versatile tool to help you work together and share information. It allows you to build private or public websites which can act as information stores and workspaces - giving everyone access to the latest versions of your documents.

How can our business use SharePoint?

Hosted SharePoint is hard to pigeonhole. It is so versatile that businesses use it for all sorts of things. You might use it for:

  • Creating a company intranet. SharePoint allows you to put important business information up for your people to see. It can even track absence, manage holidays and run surveys and message boards.

  • Sharing information with partners. Use Hosted Exchange to create a secure intranet, add lots of useful resources, then give your partners access so they can log in.

  • Bring remote workers closer together. With a central store for project documents, blogs, wikis and online workspaces, SharePoint makes it easy for people in different locations to collaborate.

  • Controlling documents. SharePoint includes some really useful version control and document management features, so you can give everyone access to the latest version.

SharePoint also includes 40 templates for common applications - like managing absence in your business - so you can get started even more quickly.

How do we get SharePoint?

You can see our Hosted SharePoint options and buy online now. But if you need a bit more help deciding what you need, just call our sales team on +91 94250 30911 for advice.


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