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Nothing can tell you more about your business than your customers. But getting their feedback is notoriously difficult. That's why online marketing tool RatePoint lets you get straight to the heart of your customers. It's the best, easiest and most cost-effective way to connect.

If you're thinking of setting up a new website, RatePoint is the ideal way to manage all of your marketing efforts. Simply choose your hosting package, decide how many customers you want to reach and add the RatePoint package that best suits your needs at the checkout.

  • £0.00pm


    125 customers

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  • £9.99pm


    1,000 customers

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  • £19.99pm


    5,000 customers

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  • £59.99pm


    10,000 customers

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  • £89.99pm


    25,000 customers

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  • Customer feedback tools

  • Business centre

  • Email marketing services

  • Survey tools

All the packages include the following:
  • Site seal

  • Testimonials & widgets

  • Product reviews

  • Dispute resolution


Key features

  • All you survey is yours
    RatePoint lets you get inside the minds of customers. By using survey tools, you'll discover all you need to know - they're every little bit as analytical as your customers themselves.

  • Give them mail - market your site with email campaigns
    Send unlimited emails for up to 25,000 customers - with 99% guaranteed inbox hits. It's also easy to create email designs and view statistics (such as open and click through rates).

  • Unhappy customers are a broken link - so fix the chain
    RatePoint's dispute resolution facilitates an open exchange of real time negotiations, allowing you to address dissatisfied customers in a professional and transparent way.

  • Let your positive feedback speak for itself
    Online, your credibility is paramount. There's nothing customers trust more than the views of other customers. So, RatePoint lets you quickly publish positive reviews and testimonials.

  • Seal the deal, with a trusted verification
    Customers constantly seek reassurances when trading online, especially when visiting a site for the first time. Don't worry, RatePoint's site seal will instantly verify your authenticity.

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