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Face it. Your site needs the right features.

Fusion apps add superb functionality to any website. You can quickly install blogging platforms, forums, photo galleries and content management systems. Take a look at some of the fantastic applications available with unlimited web hosting.

The best of the best FREE apps

  • Wordpress
    WordPress makes it easy to run a
    blogging site.

  • Joomla
    Quickly manage your site content
    with Joomla.

  • Drupal
    Drupal is a powerful website
    creation tool.

    PhpBB is the simple way to
    manage a forum.


  • WordPress wordpress A powerful system for creating blogs. You can get started in minutes - it's both simple and highly customizable with free themes and plugins.
  • B2Evolution B2Evolution A blogging tool which allows you to run several blogs from one place - and make them look and work the way you want them to.


  • Drupal drupal Create anything from a small site to a huge one with this widely-used content management system.
  • Joomla Joomla A content management system for creating and publishing content on a website. Easy to use and very flexible, with lots of advanced features.
  • phpNuke phpNuke A content management system for managing and publishing news items. Website users can submit news articles which other users can comment on.
  • PostNuke PostNuke Software which allows you to create an impressive, dynamic website and administer it with little knowledge of HTML.


  • Sugar CRM Sugar CRM Customer relationship management for your business. Log every contact with a customer, keep all data in one place - and provide better customer service.
  • Mantis Mantis A system for tracking bugs or problems with a project you're working on. It allows you to log issues and assign them to others on your team to fix.
  • Moodle Moodle Create online courses and training programs with this e-learning application. Add content, quizzes and more.


  • phpBB phpBB The world's most widely-used open source forum software. Create an online discussion forum without breaking into a sweat.
  • SMF SMF Simple Machines Forum is an elegant and effective online forum system with a custom engine that allows your forum and website to interact.


  • Coppermine Coppermine A comprehensive online photo gallery. Also interacts with some other Fusion apps - including Joomla and phpBB.
  • Gallery Gallery A photo album organiser that lets you upload, categorize and display your photos. Can be integrated into your website too.


  • Tikiwiki Tikiwiki Create a website that anyone can edit - just like Wikipedia. Tikiwiki is very powerful - you can use it for websites, intranets, extranets ... whatever!
  • MediaWiki MediaWiki A wiki is a website that anyone can edit. MediaWiki powers the world's best-known Wiki, Wikipedia - now you can create your own wiki for whatever you like too!


  • Brim Brim Manage your personal stuff online with this suite of useful applications. Includes a calendar, bookmarks, contacts, notes, passwords, tasks and more.
  • eGroupWare eGroupWare Manage contacts, appointments, projects and to-do lists across a team of people in your business.
  • WebCalendar WebCalendar Use this online calendar to track appointments and meetings for one or more users. Or set up an event calendar that visitors to your website can see.
  • phProjekt phProjeckt PHProjekt helps you coordinate group activities and share information online. Includes a shared calendar, project management and time tracking system and contact manager.
  • Phpmyfamily phpmyfamily An online family tree research tool which lets you work with other family members, even if you're all located in different places.


  • Os Ticket Os Ticket Manage, organize and archive all your support requests and responses in one place while providing your customers with accountability and responsiveness they deserve.


  • PHP List PHP List phplist is a newsletter manager. Messages can be personalised and targetted based on user specific criteria (eg location). It has many features, including open and click tracking, attachments, bounce handling, multi-part emails and sending a webpage.
  • BlogEngine BlogEngine BlogEngine.NET is the complete blogging platform. Fully customisable and easy to use, BlogEngine.NET will get your blog ideas online in no time.
  • GalleryServerPro GalleryServerPro Upload and share your pictures, videos and music, using this powerful multimedia gallery. Gallery Server Pro's simple interface makes file management easy.
  • MyWebPagesStarterKit MyWebPagesStarterkit The My Web Pages Starter Kit Content Management System (CMS) is perfect for anyone who wants to quickly setup and maintain a website.
  • ScrewTurnWiki ScrewTurnWiki Screwturn wiki allows you to create your very own version of Wikipedia. Share information online, by writing and editing collaborative articles.
  • AtomSite AtomSite AtomSite is a fully scalable Content Management System (CMS). Quickly and easily manage websites, blogs and publish new content on the web.


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