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Choose the right operating system

The operating system is the core software on your web hosting package. It takes care of basic functions and lets you run other programs.

The operating system on your own computer does not need to match your web hosting operating system. For instance, you can use Linux hosting if you have Windows on your PC.

Also, having Windows on your own computer does not necessarily mean you will find Windows hosting easiest to use. The hosting interface will be different to what's on your own computer, so it's best to base your choice on the features available.

What do you currently use?

If you are moving your website to Sun Server, it will be much easier to use the operating system you used with your previous host. Stick with what you know!

Do you need any particular scripting languages?

There are differences between the scripting languages which come with each operating system. So if you need to use a particular programming language or database system, then this will influence your choice.

If your website is being built by someone else (like a web designer), ask what requirements they have.

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Do you need to use databases?

All our web hosting packages let you create and use databases. However, you can only create certain types of database with each operating system.

  • With Linux you can build databases in MySQL.
  • With Windows you can use Microsoft SQL or Microsoft Access databases.

MySQL often forms the basis for websites that use content management systems or blogging engines (like WordPress). If you think you might want to incorporate something like that into your website in the future, MySQL would be a good option.

Does it really matter?

If you do not have any specific requirements for databases or scripting languages, you will probably find you can use either Windows or Linux.

For basic web hosting, you will not notice many differences - especially when you use our web hosting control panel to manage your account.

However, remember to consider your plans for the future before choosing an operating system. Many content management systems and blogging software are designed and built for Linux, and lots of people choose it for this reason.

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At a glance

Here's which languages are available with each operating system:




Python YES NO

*You cannot upload your own Perl modules to Windows hosting.

Full specs of our hosting plan

Decision made

If you need PHP, Python or Ruby, choose Linux. If ASP or ASP.NET are important, go for Windows.

Does it matter?

The operating system you choose might not matter much initially. But think about what your site might need in the future too.

Full service support

Our web hosting services include 24/7 support, every day of the year. Unlike some hosts, we charge no extra for this.

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